Dfo Recipe Drops

Gob Goblin Kingdom. The TaintedCracked items can drop from every difficulty.

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Some existing Unique Equipment will have a chance to drop from monsters.

Dfo recipe drops. This is a table of where certain chronicle 2 pieces drop. Creates a chance of the following rewards. The set items will only drop on Hard and Ultimate Difficulties.

Hall of Inner Self Clear Reward. Recipes disappear after they are used. Item crafting requires the following materials.

29 or under dungeons. 07082020 Super Tayberrs Armor Recipe Selection Box. By providing your email you consent to receive electronic messages from Dairy Farmers of Ontario containing information newsletters recipes and other offers and promotions.

Req Skill Level 3 Max HP will increase by 800 for 30 minutes Medium Grade Mana Nostrum. A crystal formed inside the spacetime rifts created by the Transcended. R Recipe Drop.

R Recipe Drop. Link at the bottom of the email we send to you or by contacting us. Randomly drops from NamedBoss Monsters.

20072019 Drops Pots Recipe Death Hurricane 1 Excel Strike 1 Physical Critical Hit 10 Hit Rate -1 Magic Sealed Mute Dagger. Ran Rangeluss Guerrillas. Recipes for some 3rd.

Legacy Recipe is no longer sold by the NPC. Cas Castle Nebulous. For 2nd Chronicle gear certain pieces will only drop on a certain difficulty.

For specific monsters to hunt especially for Set equipment its best to check DFOpedia in-game to see exactly where they drop. Similar to Requiem and Liberation weapons Reconstruction Weapons are powerful weapons that can be acquired at Level 90. Ran Rangeluss Guerrillas.

85 rows 11052016 Drops Pots Recipe Physical Critical Hit 27 Dragon Blow. New Product of Wisdom Recipes. Has a chance to drop from defeating the Boss monster Prophet Ezra.

Aiolite Box 50100150 1 Sirocco Challenge Product of Wisdom Recipe. Three in-dungeon support skills provided. A special effect will now show when Unique or higher tier equipment drops.

One for a direct attack the other a movement speed buff and lastly a STRINT buff. All pieces can be purchased from Natalia Sue. 100 Untradeable Guide of Wisdom EpicMythic equipment.

Exploding Energy of Immateriality Aura Box. 75 PAtk 649 MAtk 688 Base Atk 374 Str 53 Drops Pots Recipe. All pieces can be purchased from Natalia Sue.

Can be refined into Times Guide Stones that lead to the rifts. 70 PAtk 602 MAtk 638 Base Atk 350 Str 50 Drops Pots Recipe Hurricane 2 Lightning Arrow 1 Physical Critical Hit 10 Hit Rate -1 Magic Sealed Katzbalger. R Recipe Drop.

14102019 Recipe Cost Level Requirement Materials Needed Notes Medium Grade Vital Potion. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe. Void Rift Dark Side Castle of Bakal.

Black Skys Master Weapon Recipe Selection Box. Super Tayberrs Armor items can be crafted with the recipe. 10 or 12 Times Guide Stones.

Additional passive effects attainable as you upgrade your knights via daily missions. They come with very high base. Room number.

Obtainable from Pots sold in the NPC Knight Robato. Obtain a Super Tayberrs Armor Recipe of your choice. Recipes are rare purple items that drop randomly from monsters and contain a list of materials needed to produce the equipment the recipe is named after.

Room number. An ore tainted by the energy of the Great Storm. Gob Goblin Kingdom.

23062020 Drops from defeating the Boss monster Prophet Ezra. One of these three you choose will be activated by pushing tab. 96 Antimatter Particles 2200000 Gold.

1 2 Exquisite Petal Quartzes. This also unlocks a daily quest to get Delirium Stones which are used in crafting 2nd Chronicle recipes. Can be used for various purposes such as Equipment Engraving and Inheritance through NPC Loton.

This is a table of where certain chronicle 2 pieces drop. 50 2904 Str. 1 x Bottle of Wind 2 x Golden Powder.

Requiem weapons are initially untradeable however upon upgrading into a Liberation weapon they may become tradeable if the recipe is obtained from Tradeable Liberation Recipe Box instead of Untradeable Liberation Recipe Box. 1 Book of Memories. To craft an item using a recipe.

Req Skill Level 3 Max MP will increase by 600 for 30 minutes Medium Grade Strength Potion. 228 Obsidian Eye of Eternity. Gob Goblin Kingdom.

Cas Castle Nebulous. Only equipment for your class will drop in Lv. Cas Castle Nebulous.

Dungeons have a chance to drop Legacy Equipment suitable to the dungeon level. Perform simple actions and daily clear missions to level up the Knight of Memories. Ran Rangeluss Guerrillas.

This is a table of where certain chronicle 2 pieces drop. Wikidfoworld Asura - DFO. Room number.

All pieces can be purchased from Natalia Sue. 1 x Bottle of Wind 2 x Dragon Heart. 109 rows 11052016 Drops Pots Recipe Magic Critical Hit 12 Magic Sealed Silver Plated.

From DFO World Wiki. Only drops on HardUltimate. 15102020 The 3rd Chronicle items will drop in Otherverse dungeons.

Randomly drops from Boss Monsters and it can be exchanged for Times Guide Stones through NPC Magar.

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