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This Ewedu broom. Ewedu soup is similar to okra soup because of its viscosity but mainly eaten by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria.

Lunch Amala W Fish Stew Ewedu Is Most Common In Nigeria The Second Most Common Meal For Lunch Is Jollof Rice Nigerian Food Nigeria Food African Food

16072015 Ewedu How to Cook Ewedu Soup that draws Ewedu is green leafy vegetable that is paired with stew for swallow.

Ewedu recipe nigeria. Place in a pot on low-medium heat with water and potash and bring to a boil till the leaves are soft. Pluck your ewedu and shred with knife. Goat Meat Nigerian Food Bean Soup.

Stock Cubes 1 or 2 cubes. Dissolve your iru in water and sift throwing away the sediment. Its is loved by the yorubas and also by some other tribe that can lay their hands on it.

The soup is commonly served with fufu garri or amala. How to Make Ewedu Soup Ewedu Elegusi Nigerian Food - YouTube. 08102020 To make the Ewedu soup You have to pick the vegetable from the stalk wash Ewedu leaves carefully 3-4 times to get rid of sand and dirt then blend the Ewedu leaves till it liquidated.

20052019 Ingredients for Ewedu soup recipe. How to Make Ewedu Soup Ewedu Elegusi Nigerian Food. Ewedu Soup with stew beans soup and Amala.

15 cups of water. Add the locust bean crayfish Salt and stock cube if necessary and stir to combine. Ewedu soup is very good for vegetarian and can be taken as.

After it boils add the ewedu leaves and let them boil for a few minutes. There are more simple ways to prepare this soup without the use of the mashing broom. This video will show you how to make a Nigeria food called Ewedu.

29102020 This recipe is a mixture of Egusi with ewedu soup. 29052019 Blend the leaves if not already blended and pour it inside a pot. Traditionally speaking youll need ewedu leaves iru pete the softer kind of locust bean kanun potash drysmoke fish as you desire egusi melon optional and of course water.

Pour the blended Ewedu Leaves in a pot add salt pepper crayfish iru and other flavours. Put sufficient water on fire and add your potash. Ewedu leaves corchorus olitorius 300g 12 teaspoon of powdered potash 15 cups of water Ewedu Broom or a blender Salt to taste Maggi 1 or 2 cubes Chilly Pepper to taste 4-5 spoons of ground crayfish.

Ewedu Broom or a blender. 12 teaspoon of powdered potash. 04102020 Add a cup of water to a pot and bring to boil.

Leave to cook for 3 to 5 minutes. With full surprise most Foreigners that visit Nigeria often always love requesting for the recipe. 30052021 Ewedu also known as molokhia or jute leaves is another popular Nigerian soup popularly eaten with Nigerian stew such as buka stew or gbegiri.

Ewedu leaves corchorus olitorius 300g. Other names for Ewedu include Jute leaves and Molokhai. In a bowl add a little amount of water to your ground Egusi to mix it and then introduce into the pot.

Stir firmly for 2 3 Minutes and set aside. Pluck your ewedu leaves and wash to get rid of dirt. In Nigeria after the leaves have been washed they are mashed using a very special short broom known in Yoruba as Ijabe.

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