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Kpomo Recipe

Season the stew with nutmeg curry stock cubes salt and stir properly cook for 3 minutes. 1 kg Pomo cow skin 4 medium-size tomatoes.

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This video is about HowtoCook PepperedKpomo Typically served in a lot of bars and restaurants in Nigeria this delicacy is hot and spicy.

Kpomo recipe. This time I will make it a little bit unique. Please be aware that before being sold as Ponmo the cow skin is subjected to some kind of treatments by the processors but that is not the subject of this conversation. With as little as kpomo pepper onion and a few other seasonings you will be munching in a plate of this Nigerian appetizer.

Kpomo cow skin rice medium size fresh tomatoes quarter of dried pepper fresh red pepper fresh green pepper green peas large balls of onion. Then add a little water. Peppered Kpomo Recipe Nigerian Cow Skin Ponmo.

Place the pot back on the burner and add. 20052021 Due to the high cost of beef more people are opting for cow skin recipes which is much less expensive. Place the cleaned cow skin Kpomo in an empty pot.

Add the washed kpomo and stir leave to simmer for about 2 minutes while you check and stir occasionally. 2 Cooking spoons of Palm Oil. Rinse the peppers thoroughly and place in a grinder.

Spicy Goat Meat Chops See More. 13122020 Boiled Ripe Plantain with Egg and Cow Skin Kpomo Sauce Hello everybody it is John welcome to my recipe page. Grind roughly and set aside.

Wainar Indomie - Indomie Noodles With Kpomo Recipe By Hafseiina Asheer Cookpad. Add 1 cup water or more but dont forget that the more the water the less the taste flavors. This is a very traditional African dish which can be easily made from local ingredients.

Season with seasoning cubes onion dry pepper and salt and boil your kpomo till very soft. First and foremost wash your ponmo properly to be free from sand then transfer to a clean pot set aside ready for cooking. How To Make Peppered Ponmo Nkwobi Recipe.

How To Make Nkwobi In 5 Easy Steps Asun Recipe Peppered. This Cow skin delicacy is easy to make and pairs well with an array of carbs like rice yam pasta noodles or best enjoyed alone with a glass of your favou. Onions slice curry powder and cook to tender.

Cup scotches bonnet pepper Ata-rodo. Recipe for Nigerian Peppered Kpomo Ingredients. 1 teaspoon dry pepper chili powder Salt.

Meat Kpomo and Stock Fish A saucer of periwinkles Some salt knorr and pepper dried crayfish and water Leaves dried afang or blended okazi Leaves Little Offor to thicken You steam your meat dryfishkpomo and Stock fish with onions salt and maggi to taste. 08062018 Heat a pan on stove add a very little oil to it fry the remaining half onion until fragrant add the tomato mix and fry for 10 minutes until the liquid and the sour taste reduce. Today I will show you a way to make a distinctive dish boiled ripe plantain with egg and cow skin kpomo sauce.

Indonesian companys indomie noodles is increasingly in demand in nigeria. COOKING DIRECTION FOR KPOMO STEW Stir fry peppers onion and crayfish with seasoning cube. 04102020 Method of Preparation Pomo.

27052016 Recipe for Peppered Kpomo. Indomie is a unique brand of instant noodles loved by a majority of nigerians. One of my favorites food recipes.

2 tablespoons of chopped scent leaves. This is gonna smell and look delicious. 7 medium pieces of Kpomo cow skin 5 pieces of Scotch bonnet peppers Ata rodo 1 bulb of onion.

Pair it with a v. Add water and salt to taste then cover and leave to cook for about 30 minutes till soft then drain off the water and set the cooked kpomo aside. 16022021 How to make Nigerian Peppered Kpomo.

Meat Recipes How To Smoke Catfish Like Youve Never Seen Before Peppered Kpomo Recipe. Secondly spice the KpomoPonmokanda meat with salt 1 seasoning cube. First I cut or dice my red and green pepper my onion I also dice my kpomo then I blend my fresh tomatoes some of my fresh red pepper and onion Then i cut and neatly wash my chicken and my diced kpomo then add my seasonings onions and add some water then leave it on the burner until the chicken is well cooked and soft.

This is an easy recipe to copy and it doesnt take time.

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