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Carefully slice open the package take out the eel and wipe off most of the sauce that its stored in. Eel sauce does not contain eel.

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Watch Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada as he show you one of his original sushi rolls which is made up of BBQ eel.

Recipe eel roll. 27042020 Eel Roll and California Roll is definitely a week-end cooking challenge that will be to state you will need a number of hours to perform it but after you have got the process down you can cook more than one set at the same time for family picnics or just to have cool locations to consume from the icebox on a whim. This recipe is for the sauce that often accompanies Japanese grilled eel known as unagi as well as probably half the fancy rolls that. Carefully roll the roll and give it a gentle squeeze.

In the United States this sauce is created differently depending on which sushi bar you go to. Add the strip of Unagi then add the strip of cream cheese against the Unagi and add a strip of cucumber. Place a few red bell pepper strips over eel.

28092012 Cutting for eel sushi rolls. Grabbing the part of the sushi mat closest to you roll it over the top from the sushi filling. 25072018 Grab the bottom of the seaweed paper and place it over so it covers the fillings.

Once you are done rolling the roll place the roll on the dish seam side down. This is where the spine is located. Theres no viper or snake included in this sushi but it is called Viper Roll because of the viper look brought by the BBQ eel placed on top.

Now lift the bamboo mat close to you and start rolling. Take your knife and make two cuts down the center of the fillet. When ready to serve the roll wet your knife with water and slice the.

Once cooked transfer the hot rice to a large bowl and. Press the rice gently but firmly into the Nori seaweed. 21112020 I recommend using less water than cooking regular rice.

Press gently as you roll to ensure that you get a compact and cylindrical roll. Repeat until all rolls are assembled. I will show you how to create a delicious version without actually using any eel.

06012013 Eel Sauce also known as Nitsume is a crowd favorite and it goes well on various types of rolls as well as a marinade for fish and chicken. Though this sauce is based on a Japanese sauce known as nitsume which does contain eel broth the sauce has been Americanized over time as Japanese cuisine has spread throughout the United States. Heres another sushi recipe to leave you drooling and this one is called the Viper Roll.

Seal the edges when you reach the end. The best water to rice ratio is 11 or use 121 if you prefer softer rice.

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