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Colors with two need 8 teaspoons of dye. PROCION MX DYES 1 Add the dye solution to the total volume of water calculated on the dry weight of the goods using a 301 liquor to goods ration at 20C.

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Stir frequently for 10 to 15 minutes.

Procion mx recipe. 30062012 Although you can find instructions for setting Procion H dyes at room temperature with sodium silicate solution expert dyers say that steam-setting these dyes results in richer more brilliant colors. They also dye silk and wool to pale shades. Solutions prepared from PROCION MX dyes should never be warmed above 50C to assist dissolving.

Lay more damp fabric on top making certain that the moisture will not directly contact the printed fabric. 04052012 recipes in column four are for one pound of fiber. While the fabric is still wet place printed or painted fabric between two large sheets of plastic.

For intermediate dye mixing you should in addition get yellow MX-GR orange MX-2R blue MX-R blue MX-G and either blue MX-2G or navy blue MX-3R. Making a Stock Solution. PROCION DYES INSTRUCTION SHEET PROCION DYES are suitable for dyeing CELLULOSE FIBRES.

Dissolve the Carbonate and Salt in 4-5 L of hot tap water and soak the fabric for 20 minutes. Colors with one need 4 teaspoons of dye. 07062017 Add dye solution to the salt water and stir again.

Add pre-dissolved dye. The following recipe is for dyeing cellulose fibres. Washing soda soda ash 35 tablespoons.

Aljo cold process dye Apprx. PRO MX Reactive Dyes Procion are designed to permanently dye cellulose fibers plant based fibers like cotton linen ramie hemp viscose rayon bamboo tencel paper wood basket reed even silk at room temperature and protein fibers like wool. Color Parts Method PMX Color and Teaspoon Method Daffodil 9 parts Lemon Yellow 004 2 14 tsp.

These dyes belong to the Reactive class of dyes and rely on their natural affinity for the fibre as well as the chemical reaction caused by changing the pH while the dyes are still in the dyebath. Recipes for using Procion H dyes Provided by PRO Chemical. MX fiber reactive dye will react with the fiber as long as they remain damp.

Squeeze excess solution back into the container. Let soak for six minutes stir a little keep submerged. 10062015 PROCION DYE RECIPE.

I find that strong colours are much easier to achieve with silk fabric. 1 TBS 15 ml Yellow 8G 1 TBS 15 ml Red 8B 2 TBS 30 ml Turquoise 2 TBS 30 ml Blue R 2 TBS 30 ml Blue 4GD Light Blue. Mix the concentrated dye powder with tap water to create the most vibrant colors possible for cotton linen and other plant-based fabrics may also be used with protein fibers if acidified.

Add salt and dye in proportions listed above. DYEING RECIPE THE WEIGHT OF THE DRY MATERIAL MUST BE KNOWN PRIOR TO DYEING. Tsp 25 ml Red 8B 1 tsp 5 ml Turquoise 1 tsp 5 ml Blue R.

Measuring them is SUPER simple because they are coded with asterisks. 27102019 There is also Manutex RS which for less define option. The fabric should be just damp.

You just mix 8 oz of warm water to the following amount of dye. Dye to dry weight of fabric Directions for Immersion Dyeing. 1 12 - 3 cups of salt non-iodized Synthrapol for pre-washing and post-rinsing.

25 gallons water just enough to cover the fabric5 - 1 oz. After a minute immerse the fabric and stir constantly for ten minutes and then regularly for another twenty minutes. 25072014 You will need at minimum yellow MX-8G turquoise MX-G and red MX-8B plus a premixed black such as black MX-CWNA.

Fill dye bath container with 3 gallons of warm 105 degrees Farenheit tap water. The strength of the colour varies from the type of fibre material that is use to print cotton or silk. All measurements are in teaspoons of dye powder.

Immersion dyeing works best at 175. As a fiber-reactive dye Procion MX forms a strong covalent bond with cellulosic fibers making it the most permanent and washfast of all dyestuffs. Litre with water less than 50C from the tap.

Cloth cotton rayon silk or wool 2 lbs. Procion MX dye see above for amounts 14 - 13 cup of soda ash. This will now start the chemical reaction.

ADD FIBER Submerge pre-wetted fiber in the dyebath. Add the fabric or fiber. Reduce or expand the recipe proportionally to match the weight of the fiber.

For your convenience column two lists formulas using the parts method. Colors with no need 2 teaspoons of dye. Wash fabric with 1 Tbsp.

The fibre reactive Procion MX dye powders should for convenience be mixed into a 1 solution. Low-Water Immersion DyeingRECIPES DEMO 1 The Basic Method for one yard meter of fabric Dark Blue. Dissolve the soda ash in some water in a jug or jar and add to the dye solutionsalt water in the bucket.

5g of powder in a small vessel stirred into a smooth paste with a little cold water and made up to. Tsp 25 ml Yellow 8G. Of TNA Soap to remove dirt and sizing.

This paste can be mix onto natural dyes or synthetic dyes like procion mx. Of Procion MX Dye depending on intensity 3 tsp. The ideal temperature is 85F up to 100F is okay Turquoise MX-G alone and in mixes strikes best at 140F.

Below is what the Procion Dyes look like.

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