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A device for achieving something. The definition of a recipe is a set of instructions to follow to prepare a particular food item or is a set of actions and steps to take that are likely to lead to a particular result.

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Take the second person singular number imperative mood of the verb recipere to take back.

Recipe definition. A recipe for a cake. English Language Learners Definition of receipt. Imperative recipio to receive Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing.

The superscription of a prescription usually indicated by the sign Rx. Most of the recipes are simple to prepare and follow short ingredient lists. The act of receiving something.

This recipe calls for 120g of butter. Or to receive and its original usage was in the writing of medical prescriptions. A collection of 100 delicious recipes from top chefs.

Recipe for something a recipe for chicken soup. A formula or procedure for doing or attaining something a recipe for. A recipe for muffins.

A recipe for success. Recipe definition a set of instructions for making or preparing something especially a food dish. A recipe for apple pie.

Following a traditional recipe the scientists prepared the maize and analysed the contents. A set of instructions for making something from various ingredients. Recipe a set of instructions for making something.

1 A set of instructions for preparing a particular dish including a list of the ingredients required. Adjectives frequently used with recipe. You need to follow the recipe carefully.

Information and translations of recipes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions. 07042020 A standard recipe has been tested proven and researched before being published. I tried some recipes.

A set of instructions telling you how to make chocolate chip cookies is an example of a recipe. The word is Latin meaning. It includes the appropriate quantities and brand qualities required for the particular dish that the user wishes to make.

A set of instructions for cooking or preparing a particular food. These recipes also procure a particular consistency and method that is used as a main base for similar dishes. A piece of paper on which the things that you buy or the services that you pay for are listed with the total amount paid and the prices for each formal.

A prescription or formula. A recipe is a set of instructions that describes how to prepare or make something especially a culinary dish. She eventually convinced her mother to share the recipe.

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