The Best Vodka Soda Keto Recipe References

The Best Vodka Soda Keto Recipe References. Vodka mixes incredibly well with a variety of popular low carb mixer options (seltzer, club soda, diet soda, etc). Place the smashed mint leaves mixture into a highball glass and fill with ice.

Check out these easy simple Ingredient Keto Vodka Alcohol Recipe
Check out these easy simple Ingredient Keto Vodka Alcohol Recipe from

You can mix it with plain sparkling water , tonic water, diet soda, or a sugar free flavored sparkling water like la croix. Boil together your water, sweetener and grapefruit zest. Add sweetener and lemon juice to separate spots of a glass rimmer.

Place The Smashed Mint Leaves Mixture Into A Highball Glass And Fill With Ice.

While you can simply top a shot of vodka with club soda, give it a little more pizazz by adapting a vodka collins to your diet. Vodka is low in calories, with a single fluid ounce having only 64 calories (see below). Add a garnish of cranberries and lime because garnishes are fun.

Vodka Seems To Be The Most Popular Alcohol To Drink On A Keto Diet.

Dip a martini glass in the lemon juice and then the sweetener to line the glass with sweetener. So you can come back and make this tasty keto vodka cocktail recipe! The citrus can stay, but the syrup has to go.

Add In The Vodka And Stir Slightly.

2 tbsp lime juice 2 tablespoons. In a shaker with ice, combine vodka, lemon juice, and keto simple syrup. Add splash of club soda.

Below You Will Find All The Necessary Nutrition Facts About Vodka You Should Know If You Want To Do A Keto Diet And Have Some Vodka At The Same Time.

Use a muddler to crush the mint. Vodka and cranberry have a bright new sparkling future in this low carb cranberry and vodka cocktail. The difference between the two is that the collins recipe adds lemon juice and simple syrup;

Over The Top Of The Vodka, Pour The Diet Sparkling Cranberry Juice.

Garnish it with some lime wedges on top and some fresh mint leaves. 1 hours ago non alcoholic club soda recipes. And, like the moscow mule, it only has 1.5 net grams of carbs per serving.

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