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Chicken is an incredibly versatile ingredient that works in almost any type of cuisine. It can be used as a main course, side dish, or even as an appetizer. Whether you’re looking for a classic chicken dish or something a little more creative, you’re sure to find something you love in this collection of 9 delicious chicken recipes.

1. Sweet and Sour Chicken

This classic Chinese takeout dish is easy to make and full of flavor. The key is to balance the sweet and sour elements of the sauce. The combination of vinegar, sugar, and ketchup gives this dish its signature flavor. Serve with steamed rice and a side of vegetables for a complete meal.

2. Chicken Parmesan

This Italian classic is sure to please the whole family. The chicken is lightly breaded and fried before being smothered in marinara sauce and melted cheese. Serve with a side of spaghetti and you have a delicious and comforting meal.

3. Baked Chicken Tenders

These chicken tenders are a healthier option than their fried counterpart. The secret to making them extra crispy is to dip them in a mixture of egg and milk before coating them with breadcrumbs. Serve with a side of ketchup or honey mustard for dipping.

4. BBQ Chicken Pizza

This pizza is sure to become a family favorite. The combination of sweet BBQ sauce, melted cheese, and juicy chicken is irresistible. Top with your favorite veggies or add some pineapple for an even sweeter pizza.

5. Roasted Garlic and Herb Chicken

For an easy and flavorful meal, try this roasted garlic and herb chicken. The combination of garlic, rosemary, oregano, and thyme give the chicken a savory flavor. Serve with a side of mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables for a complete meal.

6. Buffalo Chicken Wraps

These wraps are a spicy twist on the classic chicken wrap. The chicken is coated in a mixture of hot sauce and butter before being wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. Serve with a side of ranch or blue cheese dressing for an even more flavorful wrap.

7. Chicken Alfredo

This creamy pasta dish is a classic Italian favorite. The combination of creamy Alfredo sauce and tender chicken is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Serve with a side of garlic bread for a complete meal.

8. Chicken Marsala

This classic Italian dish is made with mushrooms and Marsala wine. The combination of the two creates a savory sauce that pairs perfectly with the chicken. Serve with a side of mashed potatoes or steamed vegetables for a complete meal.

9. Chicken Pot Pie

This classic comfort food is perfect for a cold night. The combination of chicken, vegetables, and creamy sauce is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Serve with a side of buttermilk biscuits for a complete meal.

If you’re looking for more delicious recipes featuring chicken, you can download our free PDF featuring 9 delicious chicken recipes. From classic dishes like Sweet and Sour Chicken to more creative recipes like Buffalo Chicken Wraps, you’re sure to find something to please the whole family.

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