Keto Pizza Recipe: How To Make The Perfect Low-Carb Pizza

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Pizza is one of the most beloved dishes in the world. It’s flavorful, cheesy, and just plain delicious. However, if you’re on a low-carb diet, pizza is usually off the menu. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pizza night. With a few simple tweaks, you can make a delicious keto pizza that’s just as good as the original. Here’s how to make a delicious keto pizza.

Choose the Right Crust

The first step in making your keto pizza is to choose the right crust. Traditional pizza crusts are usually made with flour and yeast, which can add a lot of carbs to your pizza. Instead, look for a keto-friendly crust. There are several options, such as a cauliflower crust, almond flour crust, or zucchini crust. You can buy a pre-made crust, or you can make your own. Whichever option you choose, make sure it’s keto-friendly and low in carbs.

Pick the Right Toppings

When it comes to toppings, you’ll want to stick with low-carb options. Meats such as bacon, sausage, and pepperoni are all great choices. Veggies are also a good option, such as mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and olives. As for cheese, mozzarella is the best choice as it has the lowest amount of carbs. Just be sure to watch your portion size, as too much cheese can add a lot of calories.

Make the Sauce

The sauce is another important factor in making a delicious keto pizza. Most traditional pizza sauces are loaded with sugar, which can add a lot of extra carbs. Instead, opt for a low-carb sauce such as marinara or pesto. You can also make your own sauce using olive oil, garlic, and herbs. Just be sure to check the labels and buy a sauce that’s low in carbs and sugar.

Bake the Pizza

Once you’ve assembled the pizza, it’s time to bake it. Preheat your oven to 425°F and bake the pizza for 15-20 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the crust is golden brown. If you’re using a pre-made crust, be sure to follow the instructions on the package.

Add Extra Flavor

Once your pizza is done baking, you can add some extra flavor. Try sprinkling some Parmesan cheese on top or adding a few fresh herbs. You can also drizzle some olive oil over the pizza for added flavor and moisture. If you like spicy food, you can also add some crushed red pepper flakes for a kick.


Once your keto pizza is done baking, it’s time to enjoy! Cut the pizza into slices and serve. You can also add a side salad or some roasted vegetables for a complete meal. Enjoy your delicious keto pizza!


Making a delicious keto pizza is easy. Just choose a low-carb crust, pick the right toppings, and make a low-carb sauce. Bake the pizza and add extra flavor if desired. And voila - you’ve got yourself a delicious keto pizza. So next time you’re craving pizza night, try this keto pizza recipe. Enjoy!

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